We are regularly asked by our clients, especially young teams and blockchain start-up projects, if we can help with their recruitment requirements, if we know suitable candidates or can source candidates that are interested in joining their team and want to help grow their business. We listened and formed a new division of the MCCR Marketing team that can formally help with recruitment related questions. We are now a Licensed Employment Agency in Ireland (EA 4279) and we specialise in helping companies find candidates for roles in the service and software development sector.
We regularly work with clients that require candidates with technical excellence in their field and hands-on experience. Most of the teams we support in their recruitment efforts use a decentralized setup and can facilitate that their members can work remotely.


We are currently accepting applications on behalf of our clients for the positions below.
Information about the client can be found in the corresponding in the corresponding job description.

Full Stack Developer

We are looking for a highly motivated and driven full stack developer to join a growing team in Ireland.

Data Engineer

We are looking for a highly motivated and driven data engineer to join a growing team in Ireland.


If you’re a front end, back end or full stack developer, and you’d like to be informed
if and when we have another role on our books, please send a copy of your CV
and a cover letter to