Website Analytics

Website Analytics  Setup & Configuration

We offer assistance with configuration & integration of Analytics into your website and conversion funnel. This service enables accurate and consistent collection of data, granular performance measurement & highlights drop-off. Properly configured Web Analytics enable you to iteratively improve your conversion funnel.

  • Google Analytics account setup
  • Analytics setup, configuration and debugging with your development team
  • Assistance with correct integration into your website(s)
  • Configuration of goals and conversion points
  • Event tracking and corresponding naming convention
  • Setup and configuration of remarketing lists
  • Integration with various 3rd party tools (email, AdWords, webmaster tools, etc)

Correctly configured web analytics provides you a wealth of information about your active customers, as well as potential customers that have not yet been converted. Apart from the obvious advantages like location information and engagement data, it allows you measure the performance of your marketing activities and communication efforts. Non-performing advertising channels can quickly be reviewed and adjusted, or dropped in favour of better performing advertising options.

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