Programatic display advertising

Display & Video Media Buying

“Programmatic display” describes an automated form of purchasing display inventory by using a dynamic bidding process. Pricing can be adjusted at any time, targeting options are extensive and comprehensive analysis functions ensure that you stay in control of your advertising budget at all times, while delivering high quality results.

You can target users across multiple devices, with messaging meant to convert. In a digital world where competition is cutthroat, you need a strategy to get your voice heard and your brand recognized.

  • Advertising budget planning
  • campaign strategy creation
  • Account setup
  • Billing Setup
  • Structural setup of display campaigns
  • Detailed targeting setup using our database of keywords & topics
  • Regional campaign setup with scheduling
  • Setup of daily campaign budgets
  • Keyword pricing and bid adjustments
  • Configuration of URL tracking & display assets

We plan and execute the programatic display campaigns so that it meets your goals and monitor the campaign performance and introduce adjustments where and when tweaks are required. Let us know what your specific requirements are and we’ll help achieve your goals!

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